"Life Science Application for Information Retrieval and Lightweight API for Portable Search Engines"

LAILAPS is an integrative search engine in the genomics data domain. It link genome data to traits, i.e. protein functions, pathways, morphological phenotypes, agronomical and medical properties etc. The concept of this integrated information retrieval is:

The concept is:

  1. Compile a list of genome annotation hubs, which acts as information retrieval corpus.
  2. Full text search and artificial intelligence driven relevance ranking.
  3. Reverse identifier lookup to link traits to the genome and -omics resources.

LAILAPS has been developing since 2007 as IR research project and is now part of the transPlant consortium, which aims to build a transnational plant genomics infrastructure. LAILAPS is supported by the European Commission within its 7th Framework Program, under the thematic area ''Infrastructures''.

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