LAILAPS citation

If you use LAILAPS and obtain scientific results that you publish, we would ask you to acknowledge the usage of LAILAPS by referencing the below article!

  • Matthias Lange, Karl Spies, Joachim Bargsten, Gregor Haberhauer, Matthias Klapperstuck, Michael Leps, Christian Weinel, Robbe Wunschiers, Mandy Weissbach, Jens Stein and Uwe Scholz: The LAILAPS Search Engine: Relevance Ranking in Life Science Databases. Journal of Integrative Bioinformatics. 7(2), 2010.

Selected papers

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  • Matthias Lange, Karl Spies, Christian Colmsee, Steffen Flemming, Matthias Klapperstuck and Uwe Scholz: The LAILAPS Search Engine: A Feature Model for Relevance Ranking in Life Science Databases.. Journal of Integrative Bioinformatics, 7(3):e118, 2010